Meet The Veteran Group Director & Association Members

ANGLICO Association Leadership

  • Vice-President - John Repaty

  • Sgt-at-Arms - Lawrence Smith

  • Chaplain - Greg Root

Directors: Jack Olsen, Dale Borgen, Juan Avila, John Maxwell, Dan McMahon, Larry Chaston

Birth of the ANGLICO Association

The idea for an ANGLICO Association came from Jack and Gary Fiedler. In November 1989, Marines who had served with Sub Unit 1, 1st ANGLICO during the Vietnam War met in Washington, D.C., to form the association and to elect its first officers and directors. Since then, association membership has grown to include Marines and Navy personnel who have served with any of the six reserve and active duty ANGLICO units.

For more information on the founding of the association and to find out who those founding fathers were, please see the attached file.

Anglico Association