ANGLICO Association Calls for Funds and Artist Renderings to Erect Monument at National Marine Corps Museum

It has been pointed out many times over the years since I served, that ANGLICO is largely unknown to our fellow Marines and Sailors. In part this is due to our mission: service with other branches of the US armed forces as well as our allies. We are not mentioned even in footnotes, in the battle history of the Marine Corps although we served, and with some distinction, in many major battles and minor skirmishes. There is not one mention of ANGLICO in the many memorials and monuments to our fellow Marines and Sailors.

The ANGLICO Association has formed a committee to rectify this oversight. The ANGLICO Monument Committee will be responsible for raising, collecting funds sufficient to raise a monument we can all be proud of. With the ANGLICO Esprit de corps we can make this a reality.

To that end we have set a target to raise $250,000 for the purpose of erecting this monument. You can use the link on this page or Zelle your donation to [email protected].

The ANGLICO Association is requesting artist renderings for the purpose of utilizing your ideas in the final design for the monument to be erected at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

Renderings should be submitted in an electronic form to [email protected] on or before 11/10/2024. Please title the email ANGLICO Monument – Rendering. All renderings will be presented and reviewed by the committee and will become the property of the ANGLICO Association for use in design elements for the memorial. The final product will be posted to: The website will be used to update everyone on the project.

Semper Fidelis,

Jack Olson

President – ANGLICO Association

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